Kennedy Space Center’s Sustainability Vision is to promote, maintain, and pioneer green practices in all aspects of our mission, striving to be an agency leader in everything we do.

Kennedy's Sustainability Team is responsible for the following activities:

Data from the above activities is recorded in an agency database called the NASA environmental Tracking System (NETS)

The NASA Kennedy Space Center Sustainable Environment Management System (SEMS), as documented in KNPR 8553.1, helps to ensure the continual improvement of sustainability programs and projects. It addresses all activities, products, and services at Kennedy associated with the environmental and sustainability elements of White House executive orders. The Kennedy SEMS supports the Agency and Kennedy's risk management strategy by identifying, prioritizing, and managing environmentally driven risks and benefits. It is applicable to all NASA funded organizations and operations at Kennedy. A few examples of the Kennedy SEMS in action include:

  • Creation of Annual Sustainability Goal Infographic and implementation of strategies in the Kennedy Sustainability Plan 
  • Testing and incorporating environmental technologies, products and services into operations around Kennedy
  • Maintaining strong sustainability-based relationships throughout the workforce and with neighboring communities and organization

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