Energy and Water Management

Kennedy Space Center's Energy and Water Program goals, established in NPR 8570.1, NASA Energy Management Program, are to reduce energy and water risk to mission through life-cycle cost-effective compliance with federal law, executive orders and NASA policy regarding increase use of renewable energy sources along with energy and water efficiency and conservation methods.

Plans for Meeting or Exceeding Goals

Kennedy's 2020 Energy, Renewable and Water Conservation Metrics

2018 energy metric chart small 2018 renewable energy chart small 2018 water conservation chart small

Recent Initiatives

Kennedy solar farm

Central Campus Solar Plant Addition

Construction of a 2 megawatt (MW) photovoltaic (PV) facility was recently completed adjacent to the existing operational 1 MW facility. The PV facility will produce in excess of the required electricity to offset the energy consumption of the first phase of the new Kennedy Space Center’s Central Campus, giving it a net-zero qualification and providing points for LEED certification.

In addition to the above mentioned PV facilities, Kennedy also hosts another 10 MW photovoltaic facility in partnership with Florida Power and Light. The power produced by this facility is used by the local community.


Upgrade Lighting, Various Buildings

Recently, over 28,000 32-watt (2 and 4 ft.) fluorescent lamps were replaced with 15-watt LED tubes and over 13,000 ballasts were removed. These efforts have resulted in less energy consumption, reducing operations and maintenance, and improving the illumination levels within work areas.