Awards and Recognition

SEA Award

Kennedy Space Center’s Environmental Awards and Recognition Program applauds environmental and sustainability accomplishments of individuals and teams comprised of both civil servants and contract partners.

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Point of Contact: Jenni Hill, 321-867-0461. 


Kennedy Space Center Awards

Catch An Environmentalist (CAE) Award
This award recognizes individuals and teams that have notably contributed to environmental stewardship at Kennedy. The award categories recognize performance in waste reduction, natural resource conservation, energy and water conservation, use of sustainable products, sustainable construction and operations and environmental awareness.
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+ Submit CAE Award
+ CAE Categories and Criteria (PDF)

Sustainable Environment Awareness (SEA) Award

The SEA Award Program recognizes NASA and Contractor individuals and teams who have demonstrated leadership to enhance the environment, implement sustainable practices, conserve energy and preserve natural resources. Recipients will be recognized at the NASA Kennedy Awards Ceremony.
Internal Links:
+ Submit SEA Award 
+ SEA Categories and Criteria (PDF)

NASA Awards

NASA’s Blue Marble Awards for Environmental and Energy Excellence 

Federal Awards

Federal Environmental Awards
Federal Energy and Water Management Award

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