Sustainable Acquisition

Alice Smith - GWU

Learn more about the biobased industry and how the Kennedy Space Center (KSC) is pioneering biobased acquisition and application within the Federal Government. Hear directly from the many players involved with the center's success:

Kennedy’s Sustainable Acquisition program combines the efforts of the space center’s environmental, procurement, facilities and requisition communities to maximize the use of green products and services through preferential procurement of the following items:

NASA reports sustainable acquisition successes annually to the Office of Management and Budget and the Office of the Federal Environmental Executive. Additional information on federal agencies requirements and successes can be found at

Point of Contact: Hien Nguyen, 321-867-8455.

Laws and Requirements:

  • RCRA 6002 – Section 6002 of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act
  • Federal Acquisition Subpart 23.4 - this subpart prescribes policies and procedures for acquiring green products
  • NPR 8530.1 – NASA Procedural Requirements for Affirmative Procurement Program and Plan for Environmentally Preferable Products
  • KNPR 8500.1, KSC Environmental Requirements