Permitting and Compliance - Water Quality - Domestic Wastewater

KSC categorizes wastewater as either industrial wastewater or domestic wastewater. Domestic wastewater must be properly treated and managed to ensure public health, safety, compliance with regulations, and protection of the environment.

Domestic wastewater is managed and treated in two types of systems at KSC. The wastewater collection and transmission system consists of a series of gravity mains, force mains, and lift stations which collect and pump domestic wastewater to the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station (CCAFS) Regional Waste Water Treatment Facility (RWWTF). In addition to the wastewater collection and transmissions system, there are several On-Site Treatment and Disposal Systems (OSTDS) or “septic systems” throughout KSC that typically support remote locations, small offices, or temporary facilities. Only a small percentage of the existing OSTDS at KSC are currently permitted with the Florida Department of Health. The remaining OSTDS systems were constructed prior to the permitting regulations and do not require a permit.

Domestic Wastewater Compliance

Discharges into KSC domestic wastewater systems must be consistent with wastewater produced in a domestic setting (wastewater from toilets, sinks, showers, dishwashers, etc.). All discharges of non-domestic wastewater into a KSC domestic wastewater system must be reviewed via the waste characterization (Process Waste Questionnaire/Technical Response Package) process described in Chapter 13 of KNPR 8500.1 (KSC Environmental Requirements) and approved by the NASA EAB and/or CCAFS RWWTF operator. Examples of discharges requiring approval include:

  • Air conditioning blowdown or condensate,
  • Closed loop cooling water,
  • Oily wastewater,
  • Wastewater generated from a process or using any material not reasonably expected in the home, and
  • Any material, hazardous or otherwise, used in any process or operation at KSC.

Construction or Modification of Domestic Wastewater Systems

Construction projects involving the KSC domestic wastewater system may require varying degrees of regulatory oversight and permitting depending on the nature of the project. Chapter 11 in KNPR 8500.1 (KSC Environmental Requirements) discusses the regulatory requirements and permitting process for various types of projects.

KSC organizations and contractors shall coordinate all domestic wastewater system projects with the NASA Environmental Assurance Branch (EAB) and process all notifications, permit applications, requests for approval, compliance monitoring, reports, requests for clearance, and regulatory agency submittals through the NASA EAB. All correspondence and communication with regulatory agencies regarding these projects must be performed by the NASA EAB.

KSC organizations and contractors shall ensure that regulatory criteria, best engineering practices, codes, specifications and standards are followed regardless of whether a permit is required for the project or not.

Domestic Wastewater Points of Contact

  • Doug Durham (321-867-8429)
  • Tom Price (321-867-8988)