Cultural Resources

Cultural resources include the physical remains of a people’s way of life, which archaeologists and historians study to try to interpret how people lived. Cultural resources are important because they help us to learn about our past, understand other cultures, appreciate architecture and engineering and learn about previous accomplishments. The Federal Government recognizes the value of irreplaceable prehistoric and historic cultural resources and is committed to protect them from damage. Numerous laws have been passed to protect these resources.

Kennedy Space Center contains prehistoric and historic resources. Today, Kennedy’s cultural resources management program, which includes archaeology and historic architecture, employs personnel to identify, evaluate and preserve cultural resources at the space center.

Identification and Determination

To determine if a project will impact a historic or archeological site, fill out the Environmental Checklist and submit it to NASA Kennedy's Environmental Management Branch (EMB). The EMB will then review the checklist to determine whether the project merits consultation with the Florida State Historic Preservation Officer. For further information, view KSC-PLN-1733, Integrated Cultural Resources Management Plan (NASA Access Only) here.

Cultural and Historic Preservation Information

KSC Historic Properties
National Historic Landmarks
Historic Properties Booklet
KSC Cultural Resources GIS

Requirements and Regulations

KNPR 8500.1C, KSC Environmental Requirements (Chapter 25), Cultural Resources
KSC-PLN-1911, Environmental Resources Document (Chapter 12), Cultural Resources
KSC-DES-0120,  KSC HPO Delegation
NPR 8510.1, NASA Cultural Resource Management

Memorandum/Programmatic Agreements

Identification and Disposition of NASA Artifacts (NPR 4310.1)
Programmatic Agreement among NASA, SHPO, and ACHP for Management of Historic Properties (KCA-4185)
Programmatic Agreement among NASA, National Conference of State Historic Preservation Offices, and the ACHP

Surveys and Studies

2011 Survey of NASA owned properties 45-50 years old
2015 Survey of NASA owned facilities built in the 1970's
2016 Survey of NASA owned Real Property
Agency-wide Space Shuttle Program Survey:  Cover     Part I     Part II
BOSU Survey
CCAFS Survey & Evaluation
HMP South & Boresight Control Building Historic Survey
Jay Jay Bridge, Railroad System, and Locomotives
KSC Space Shuttle Survey Report
KSC Survey & Evaluation of 45 Buildings 45-50 Years Old
NASA-owned CCAFS Industrial Area Historic Survey
SSPF Survey & Evaluation

Kennedy Historic American Building Survey (HABS) and Historic American Engineering Record (HAER) Recordation Efforts

Space Transportation System (STS) Recordation

Point of Contact: Jeanne Ryba, 321-867-7824

Latest News

National Historic Preservation Act Section 106 Consultations open for the 30-day public review can be found here.