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Environmental Planning - Commercial Vertical Launch Complex (CVLC)

Proposed Commercial Vertical Launch Complex at J. F. Kennedy Space Center

Concept drawing for the CVLC
Concept drawing for the CVLC
Locations of Alternative Sites 1 & 2
Locations of Alternative Sites 1 & 2

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Project & Environmental Assessment Information

NASA is proposing a project which would allow for the development and operation of a Commercial Vertical Launch Complex (CVLC) on approximately 200 acres of Kennedy Space Center. The land use agreement would be with a non- NASA entity. This web page provides a brief description of the proposed project and the associated Environmental Assessment, links to more in-depth information, and correspondence contact information.

Project Description:
The CVLC would be a shared-use facility involving multiple entities, several potential launch vehicles, and associated infrastructure. The complex concept includes two separate launch pads with two potential vehicle integration approaches (horizontal and vertical). It also includes a common rocket and ground support test facility and common propellant storage for multiple users. The potential launch vehicle types supported would have up to 2 million pounds thrust, and use standard or modified liquid propellants. Some vehicles could utilize small, strap-on solid rocket boosters.

Description of the Environmental Assessment Process:
NASA, with the Federal Aviation Authority as a cooperating agency, is preparing an Environmental Assessment (EA) to ascertain the impacts that the implementation of this proposal might have on the environment. Under NEPA, “environment” includes the physical (air, water, land) and biological (plants, animals) environments, and human relationships to the environment (i.e., archeological, cultural, health, safety, jobs, housing, schools, and aesthetics).

Within the EA, a range of reasonable alternatives will be compared and contrasted. The alternatives identified to date include the two locations shown in the Locations Figure, and No Action, which is the alternative of not implementing the proposal. The environmental consequences (short and long-term) of the alternatives will be compared and contrasted. Construction and ground support operations impacts will be assessed in this EA; impacts from specific vehicles/programs will be evaluated individually by future users of the site as their detailed plans develop.

For additional information or to submit comments regarding this project contact:
John Shaffer, Environmental Planning
Mail Code TA-B1C
Kennedy Space Center, FL 32899
Telephone: 321-867-8448; FAX: 321-867-4446