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Permitting & Compliance - Water Quality - Drinking Water

KSC maintains a Non-Transient, Non-Community Public Water System (System Number 3054024) for potable water, fire suppression, and various industrial uses such as heating, air conditioning, and vehicle launch/processing operations. KSC’s water system is a secondary system meaning that all water is purchased from a primary provider, the City of Cocoa. Water entering KSC’s system is monitored and chlorinated as needed to meet safety and health standards. The KSC water system is required to meet the same Federal and State regulations and standards as other water systems. Testing is required at various intervals for a variety of parameters to assure the continued safety of the water. Testing results are reported to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, the Florida Department of Health, and/or the United States Environmental Protection Agency. The KSC water system is operated by the KSC Institutional Services Contractor (ISC).

KSC requirements for drinking water are found in Chapter 8 of KNPR 8500.1 (KSC Environmental Requirements).

Impacts to Drinking Water Treatment or Distribution System

KSC organizations and contractors shall immediately consult with ISC Engineering, ISC Operations and Maintenance, ISC Environmental, and the NASA Environmental Assurance Branch (EAB) regarding any project that may impact the KSC potable water system. Impacts to the KSC potable water system that would trigger coordination and review include:

  • Depressurizing any part of the distribution system,
  • Any break or breach of the system (accidental or intentional),
  • Any introduction of a potential contaminant (biological or otherwise) into the system,
  • Any modification to or construction on the system, or
  • Any large consumption of water from the system.

Construction or Modification of the KSC Drinking Water System

Construction projects involving work on the KSC water system may require varying degrees of regulatory oversight and permitting depending on the nature of the project and the work involved.

KSC organizations and contractors planning construction projects on the KSC water system shall consult with the NASA EAB to determine regulatory and permitting requirements. KSC organizations and contractors shall process all required notifications, permit applications, requests for approval, compliance monitoring, reports, requests for clearance, and any other submittal to a regulatory agency through the NASA EAB. All correspondence with regulatory agencies regarding the KSC water system must be performed by the NASA EAB.

The KSC organization or contractor responsible for a project that provides modification, maintenance, or emergency repair of the KSC potable water system, whether a permit is necessary or not, will ensure that regulatory criteria, best engineering practices, codes, specifications, and standards are followed.

Drinking Water Points of Contact

  • Doug Durham (321-867-8429)
  • Tom Price (321-867-8988)