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America Recycles Day (ARD) - November 13-14, 2013 (view flyer)

In support of KSC’s 2013 America Recycles Day events, we are encouraging KSC employees to get involved and participate in recycling on Wednesday, November 13 & Thursday, November 14, 2013 at the VAB and GSA facilities. Employees can bring in E-Waste from home (not NASA property) and alkaline batteries to be recycled. Do you have eye glasses, plastic bags, clothes, or personal office supplies you aren’t using? Donate them during ARD!
POC: Alice Smith 867-8454

Here is some useful recycling information;

2013 America Recycled Day Activities: Electronics Collection (Tips)

Back by popular demand is our electronics collection in partnership with CRS Recycling. Have you been collecting various electronic items at your home and would like to recycle them in an environmentally responsible way? The electronic collection event is Wednesday Nov. 13, & Thursday November 14 at the following locations:

  • Wednesday November 13th, at the VAB parking lot (diagonal to the MFF cafeteria/across from the PCC)
  • Thursday November14th at the GSA facility in the Industrial Area (corner of 3rd Street and B Avenue, adjacent to the CNG station)
All electronics, including cell phones, computers and TVs, will be accepted, except for domestic appliances and items containing mercury and Freon. This collection is not for NASA property but for personal items from home. Acceptable item list.
POC: Annie Williams, 867-3305

Fitness Trail Ribbon Cutting

In support of KSC's 2013 America Recycle Day events, KSC employees are encouraged to participate in the Fitness Trail Grand Opening event on Friday, Nov. 15. During this event, Mr. Cabana will cut the ribbon to officially open the KSC Pathfinder Fitness Trail. Everyone will then take a quick stroll, one lap, with your co-workers and Mr. Cabana! Present will be several recycling and health vendors, to provide you with any applicable information that might assist you in becoming a healthier you. We will also be collecting new/used tennis shoes, which will later be donated to Nike. We hope to see you all there!
          When: Friday, November 15, 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.          Where: Fitness Trail – located between the Press Site and the OSB
POC: Taylor Pitcock, 867-4808.

Pathfinder Fitness Trail

In support of KSC's 2013 America Recycle Day events, KSC employees are encouraged to participate in an event throughout the week of November 18th. Take a stroll with your co-workers or run a few laps to get moving on the KSC Pathfinder Fitness Trail! Once you have utilized the Pathfinder Fitness Trail, please record your participation by inputting information into an Excel spreadsheet at This information will later be used as data, for Kennedy articles such as the Spaceport News.
POC: Taylor Pitcock, 867-4808.